Baggage Management for Airlines

Manage all mishandled baggage in one place. Use the Airline dashboard to create automatic BDOs, track delivery status, manage delivery partners, and track SLAs

Order Management
for Couriers

  • Take care of everything! Easily go from managing airline partners to tracking and creating smart routes for drivers.

  • Use the Courier dashboard to share info with customers and cut the number of calls by half!

Driver App

Unicoaero Driver App automates order assignment, pick-up, tracking and delivery. No more paperwork, no lost vouchers. Driver App makes the driver's life easy!

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Online Delivery Tracking

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Streamline the baggage journey

Online PIR
  • 1 Passenger receives a text alert about mishandled bag
    when they arrive at destination
  • 2 Skips the frustrating wait at the baggage carousel
  • 3 Clicks the link to edit/approve/submit the baggage claim (PIR)
  • Gets notified about delivery time for the mishandled bag

62 Airports

At 62 airports around the world, Unicoaero is helping get mishandled baggage back to
its owner with less hassle all around.

Users Around the Globe

Unicoaero is a venture backed Silicon Valley Start-up. We provide a unique Mishandled Baggage and Lost and Found Management Solution for airlines.

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1250 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, United States