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Go Online

  • 1. Click the Go Online button to begin working.

  • 2. You will receive a notification when a new delivery has been assigned to you.

  • 3. To see your newly assigned order refresh your app.

Confirm the order

  • On the app main page, you will see tasks that are assigned to you. What you see may vary based on your role. (Eg. drivers that don't pick up bags from the airline directly will not see orders to sweep on their home screen).

    4. Orders to Sweep

    These are orders at the BSO that need to be swept. You will only see this if you are a sweeper or if your dispatcher has assigned you orders to sweep.

    4. Orders to Confirm

    Drivers need to acknowledge / confirm the orders that have been assigned for delivery.

    4. Orders to Pickup

    Drivers need to verify the orders for accuracy (e.g. number of bags, pre-existing damage, etc.).

    4. Orders to Deliver

    Orders that have been picked-up by the driver and are waiting to be delivered.

Sweep- Confirm- Pickup the orders

  • 5. The sweeper can sweep the bags from BSO either scanning the bag tags or manually checking the boxes on the screen.

  • 5. Delivery companies' operational procedures may vary. Based on your company policy you will:
    CONFIRM (acknowledge) the order.
    You may have the opportunity to select ACCEPT or DECLINE for each order.

  • 5. Please ensure that you scan and pick up all bags to start the delivery process.

  • 5. Scan the bag tag. The bar code will be captured in your app. It's that easy.

  • 5. Confirmation - a green dot with a check mark will appear once the tag has been scanned and matches.

  • 5. Alert - a red dot with a Whoops! will appear if the scanned tag does not match one from your list.

Go to Delivery


    Press the Go to Delivery button to navigate to destination with the baggage delivery. You will be prompted to choose a desired navigation app - e.g. Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps.

    If you are delivering multiple orders, please only press Go to Delivery for the first order. Once the first order is complete, you may press Go to Delivery for the second order, which will provide directions from the first order to the second order.

    The Go to Delivery status triggers a proactive notification to the customer.

    6. ON-HOLD

    If a customer makes a special request to deliver the bag at a later time (e.g. please deliver after 5pm) - please press the On Hold button. Please add a detailed note to the order. The note will be visible to the dispatcher and the airline.

    6. VIP ORDER

    VIP Order label will tell you which orders are placed as VIP/RUSH orders.

    6. PAX ORDER

    This label is used when a passenger has placed an order for delivery. These types of orders are not delayed baggage. Please note customers pay for this service.


  • There are five options when attempting to complete the delivery.


    Press the Delivered button when the customer is home and you are handing the bag(s) to him / her.

    7. REFUSED

    If a customer is refusing to accept the order, please press the Refused button.


    Please choose this option if the address is incorrect and undeliverable as a result.


    If nobody is home, please select the Not Present button.


    When authorization has been granted to leave the bag(s), please select this option.

Get the signature


    Please obtain a signature from the customer. If the signature is not legible or the customer refuses to sign - kindly add a driver’s note for the airline and delivery company to see.

  • 8. REFUSED

    If a customer is refusing to accept the order, please provide detailed notes as to why and return the bag to the airline baggage service office or delivery company as per your company’s guidelines.


    If you arrive at the destination and discover the address is incorrect, try to remedy the issue. Check with the customer or your dispatcher or airline baggage service office to see if it can quickly be edited. If not, please add detailed driver’s notes to the order and return the bag to your dispatcher or airline baggage service office.


    If nobody is home or available to accept the bag(s) when you arrive, please attempt to contact the customer by phone / text. If still no luck, please return the bag(s) to your dispatcher or the airline’s baggage service office.


    Anytime a bag is being left at the door, please ensure a picture is taken. For hotel deliveries - please make sure to also add a driver’s note with the name of the employee you are leaving the bag with and the area they work in.

Delivery Completed


    By clicking See Details - you will be able to view the details of the delivery you just completed


    Click on Keep Working to continue to the next order.